TinyHero is launching on PolyDEX.fi IDO launchpad

3 min readAug 17, 2021

Thank you PolyDEX community and friends for your support so far!

PolyLAUNCH has successfully conducted 4 IDOs over the past 3 months. All IDOs completed in a day, reached out to a great community and gained substantial value growth.

Today, we are excited to announce TinyHero will be launching on PolyLaunch at 5am (UTC), 20th August 2021.

From IDO start time till 23rd August 2021, 5am UTC, you can lock USDC (Polygon) or BUSD (Binance Smart Chain) on PolyDEX.fi/IDO to join this IDO. To assure fairness, all participants during this period will be able to purchase the IDO, proportionately to your locked amount versus total amount lock, capped by Min and Max purchase amount as described below. The unused balance will be refunded to you, if any.

For example, you locked 10k USDC while total lock amount is 2M USDC, which is 2 times the hard cap, then you will be able to purchase 5k USDC worth of TINY IDO, and the 5k balance will be refunded to you.

In case hard cap does not reach after 23rd August 2021, 5am UTC, the balance TINY IDO will be opened for purchase on first come first serve basis till 26th August 2021. Any amount left after 26th August 2021 will be burned.

IDO details

✅ IDO start time: 20th August 2021, at 5am UTC time

✅ IDO Address: to be updated.

✅ Polygon — USDC : https://www.polydex.fi/ido

✅ Binance Smartchain — BUSD: https://bsc-ido.polydex.fi/

✅ Min purchase: 50 USDC / BUSD

✅ Max purchase: 15k USDC / BUSD

✅ Hard Cap: 1M USDC, among which 50% will be used to add liquidity, 50% to game development and marketing.

✅ IDO Rate: 0.0025 USDC

✅ Max Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

✅ TOKENS FOR IDO: 400,000,000

✅ Network: Polygon Network ERC-20

✅ Ticker: $TINY

✅ Decimals: 18

Following this IDO, TINY tokens will become available for purchase on PolyDEX.fi.

TinyHero NFT gift: with every 1,000,000 $TINY purchased, IDO participants will get 1 free NFT from TinyHero.

With the 5% fee from TinyHero IDO, half will be used to buy back $PLX and then pair with the other half to provide liquidity.

About TinyHero:

Inspired by Tikitoken and Safemoon, which were the ones to bring awareness to RFI and HODL rewards, TinyHero is the first-ever PvE and PvE NFT game with auto-reflection and auto-claim protocol on Polygon. TinyHero also enables blockchain-based real-time PvP games. In a simple term, TinyHero = Axie Infinity + SafeMoon

Simply Play games on TinyHero to Earn $TINY. Hold $TINY to Earn $MATIC.

About PolyLAUNCH:
PolyLAUNCH is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital. PolyLAUNCH helps to connect legitimate, capable teams with early stage investors and vice versa. As an IDO launchpad powered by PolyDEX, in the future users can stake $PLX tokens to get priority-access to promising projects on PolyLAUNCH.

Follow TinyHero for latest update

✅ Website: TinyHero.io

✅ Telegram: https://t.me/tinydefihero

✅ Telegram Announcements : https://t.me/tinyheroann

✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tinydefihero

✅ Medium: https://tinyhero.medium.com

✅ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCndDYCCxk79PuMTKnPFF6vg