PolyDEX is coming to Celo

4 min readNov 4, 2021

Inspired by Celo’s mission to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone, PolyDEX is thrilled to announce our plan to join Celo ecosystem.

Celo is a mobile-first platform that makes financial dApps and crypto payments accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. PolyDEX is a fast growing platform with many winning components: a DEX with a very attractive trading fee, a launchpad with great IDO track record, a NFT marketplace, unique 4-type referral system and more.

At PolyDEX, we also believe in a future where everyone can prosper, just like Celo does. So this is what we are planning to do to participate and contribute towards this vision.

Feature Products

CeloDEX AMM + Aggregator


Our automated market maker is built upon the battle-tested Pancakeswap at Binance Smart Chain and PolyDEX at Polygon, offering traders and liquidity providers the best way to exchange tokens and earn trading fees with maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Moreover, CeloDEX will also be a DEX aggregator, giving users the most optimized token swapping experience with lowest slippage and best possible rate across all DEXs, via our multi-routing protocol. CeloDEX will aggregate UbeSwap and Sushiswap at the beginning and will expand further to other DEXes at Celo.

With a user-oriented approach in mind, we have built CeloDEX’s UI to display the multi-routing in real-time so you can view it clearly before confirming any transactions.

PolyLAUNCH — CeloLAUNCH launchpad

PolyLAUNCH is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital. We help to connect legitimate, capable teams with early stage investors and vice versa. With the expansion to Celo, CeloLAUNCH will help all good potential projects to launch on Celo while allowing users from other chains to join with ease.


Yield Optimization, Vaults, is always an important tool for both investors and projects. We are thrilled to launch CeloVAULT to provide investors the powerful tool on Celo with automatic high compounding interest rates on their liquidity. We also seek to onboard reliable liquidity farms, assisting projects in building their liquidity.

Performance fees accumulated from CeloVAULT will be used to support both CLX and PLX tokens throughout its lifetime.

NFT Market

Following the successful PolySTORE launch on Polygon, we will bring this NFT market to Celo, allowing users to sell, buy NFTs on the fly.

NFT Market will be launched a bit later at appropriate timing.

Any fees accumulated from the NFT market place will also be best utilized to benefit our ecosystem shareholders.


To help attract liquidity providers as well as building initial liquidity, CeloDEX will incentivize through the distribution of the platform share token over the period of one year.

  • Token : CeloDEX ($CLX)
  • Token Contract : 0xC7144Fa865c9f3a6836167A51531A2CC8b0ab5fD
  • Maximum Supply : 100,000,000
  • Initial Price : 0.2$

Distribution allocation

  • Developer Fund : 10% | 10,000,000 $CLX
  • Marketing Fund : 10% | 10,000,000 $CLX
  • Treasury : 5% | 5,000,000 $CLX
  • Main Reserve for Polygon PLX holder : 10% | 10,000,000 $CLX
  • Liquidity Incentives (Farming) : 44.5% | 44,500,000 $CLX
  • Vault Incentives : 20% | 20,000,000 $CLX
  • Initial Liquidity : 0.5% | 500,000 $CLX

With that, the Farming Pools will start from Friday, Nov 5th, 2021 at 1pm UTC, with the following pools

  • CLX / CELO : Allocation x10
  • CLX / cEUR : Allocation x6
  • CLX / cUSD : Allocation x6
  • cUSD / cEUR : Allocation x2
  • CELO / cUSD : Allocation x2
  • WBTC / WETH : Allocation x1
  • WETH / cUSD : Allocation x1
  • WBTC / cUSD : Allocation x1
  • MOBI / CELO : Allocation x1
  • SUSHI / CELO : Allocation x1
  • UBE / CELO : Allocation x1


  • Depends on market demand, the pool allocation might be adjusted accordingly, and new pools may be added in future.
  • Farming rewards is locked for 1 year and will be vesting for 1 year after that.

Moreover, CeloDEX will also offer a set of staking options for long-term $CLX holders, ranging from no lock, 7-day lock(x2), 30-day lock (x5) and 180-days lock (x10), with increasing distribution rates proportionally to the commitment period of choices.


With that in mind, PolyDEX / CeloDEX is doing everything we can to support and encourage an inclusive financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone.

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