PolyDEX — A major transformation

3 min readJun 25, 2021

In the age of disruption, projects live and die by their ability to adapt. Especially so in crypto space. Further to our latest announcement on PolyDEX V2 Upgrade — The next big thing, this article will set forth our continued efforts to transform PolyDEX — How it could offer all unique features and at the same time, benefit all stakeholders.

PolyDEX Router v2 as Aggregator

PolyDEX is transforming into an Aggregator where everyone can enjoy better price, better liquidity and more convenience. Let’s break this down:

  1. PolyDEX will aggregate liquidity from Quickswap, Sushiswap, etc.
  2. PolyDEX will always find the best price for everyone’s swapping need
  3. PolyDEX will allow everyone to swap your favourite tokens on Polygon at ease. You can now find and swap any token you want on PolyDEX. All in one place.
  4. PolyDEX will have a list of supported tokens by default. But anyone can use token contract for those not in the default token list.
  5. PolyDEX welcomes projects to whitelist your token, simply reach out to us on any channel.

Unbelievable Lowest Swap Fee in the market — 0.02%

  • PolyDEX will decrease the swap fee to 0.1%.
  • Up to 80% of trading fee will be used to buy PLX and pass back to users right away.
  • Hence the effective swap fee is at only 0.02% — Lowest in the market!

First on-chain 4-Type Referral System

Invite your friend to use PolyDEX and earn Referral Rewards up to 5% of trading fee.

  1. Swap Referral Commission: 5% of trading fee. Invite your friends to use PolyDEX and earn whenever your friends swap.
  2. PolyFARM commission: 2% of rewards earning when your friends harvest their rewards.
  3. PolyHERO commission: 2% of staking rewards
  4. PolyLAUNCH commission: earn upto 2% when you refer someone to buy IDO at PolyLAUNCH.

Giving back to Builders

We know first hand how much sweat and blood has to go into building any projects. So we want to give back to all Builders out there. Project owners who list on PolyDEX will earn up to 20% of all trading fee relating to their tokens.

Will you need to do anything?

For Everyone

Invite your friends now to use PolyDEX and start enjoying the 4-TYPE Referral Scheme soon.

For users using DEX

You do not need to do anything. Now you can trade the default list of tokens from Quickswap directly at PolyDEX, with routing through various DEX in Polygon starting with Quickswap and more to be integrated further later, such as Sushiwap, Wault Finance, etc.

If you can not find a token, you can always add that token contract in.

For Liquidity Provider

1-click migration for all PolyHERO and PolyFARM pools will be ready by June 27th 2021. Meanwhile, users can do it manually following our guide at https://docs/polydex.fi