PolyDEX Weekly Recap

Dear PolyDEX Community,

Today marks 10 days since the launch of our project. We are overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from the PolyDex community. TVL in our deposit pools has climbed to ATH of $20 million. Since there are many new PolyDexers, let’s quickly recap some of the milestones.

Key Information

Within just 1 week, our DEX is ranked 4th in terms of volume on all of Polygon AMM — right behind QuickSwap! And we’re 5th in Users — a tribute to the strength of our community!

What’s our top priority?

1) Making sure your funds are always SAFU — This is our #1 priority; especially now that we have received so much support from our community. We are engaging TechRate to have our smart contracts audited. We will keep our community posted on this development

2) Get our IDO launchpad functional and up + running — This is an important feature/use case to make our platform one of real utility and not just another staking yield farm

3) Start involving community in the decision-making process — We are working on getting governance up and running

📊Key statistics

We would like to thank the Polygon community again for your wonderful support.

Please stay updated by following us in the following official channels:

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#1 AMM on Polygon Network (Matic)

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