11 min readSep 6, 2021

Venue: Matic News
Date: 3 SEP 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC


PolyC: Nice to be here with Matic News community today

PolyDEX M: Hi all. Thanks for having us

Q1. A pleasure to have you here! Let’s kick start with an introduction of you and your team, which are your past experiences and roles?

PolyC: We are anonymous, but our Devs have vast experience in defi space over a reasonably long period of time. There are a few reasons to stay anonymous while maintaining the transparency and integrity of the project itself.

Among those, we’d want to avoid social engineering attacks & personality scams. At the same time, being anonymous help us to focus more on the important stuff: product development, security, community development, etc.

But anonymity shouldn’t kill Integrity. PolyDEX had its own challenges & hurdles in the past, but we didn’t let any single event affect the Vision and Missions that we live by.

PolyDEX M:

Q2. If someone don’t know PolyDex, why should invest in it instead of the other thousands of DEXs? Give us a brief introduction

PolyDEX M: Sure. PolyDEX is an AMM and yield farm on Polygon, with innovative gamified farming mechanics and wide investment range. PolyDEX aims to make trading, swapping, farming easily accessible to every user on Polygon. PolyDEX works towards an advanced platform for projects to launch their IDO, IFO on Polygon, with a multi-chain approach.

PolyDEX is the 1st platform, and the only so far, that offers a 4-type Referral System under PolyREF. Anyone can invite friends to use PolyDEX or participate in IDOs on PolyLAUNCH and earn Referral Rewards.

Q3. Thanks for the brief and good introduction! Do you have any faucet for users that come from other chains?

PolyC: Yes we do. All new & empty wallet can claim free Matic for gas fee with bonus of PLX at . Please follow few simple steps here :

PolyDEX M:

Matic News: That’s nice to see!! Each projects in polygon should have it, for the benefit of the chain 😃

Q4. Do tell us which are the use cases of $PLX?

PolyDEX M: Sure, $PLX token can be used for:


✅ Stake $PLX to earn other tokens

✅ Earn profit from PolyDEX ecosystem

✅ Farming opportunity

✅ Lock to boost rewards for liquidity provided

✅ Participate in PLX governance, such as trading fee, treasury fund allocation, IDO project voting, etc…

✅ NFT purchase

✅ Polyto Lottery

Matic News: Perfect😎 I suggest everyone to learn and then use all polydex platform, it’s not the typical farm

Q5. KEY QUESTION: Tell us your yield farming and DEX model

PolyC: We do have farming at . Those projects launched via PolyLAUNCH do have farming pools with good APR for users such as Meeb Master, TokenPlay et… And soon more will be joining and taking advantage of PolyDEX platform infrastructure.

PolyDEX does have aggregator, where it will automatically find the best route to give users the best return. It also allow users to swap tokens that does not have liquidity on PolyDEX.

PolyDEX offers the lowest swap fee in the market. Moreover, we are the very first one has 4 types referral system, among them is the swap referral where you can earn 5% share of swap fee from your friends who you invited to PolyDEX.

PolyDEX M:

Matic News: I confirm that their swap works great and it’s fast, most of the time more than other DEXs. Cashback system it’s pretty cool to have because really reward whom use the platform

Q6. Talking about another side of your project, what is PolyLaunch? I saw multiple times in Polygon in the last period, tell us more about it and about projects that has been launched with your platform.

PolyDEX M: PolyLAUNCH is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital. We help to connect legitimate, capable teams with early stage investors and vice versa 👉

We are proud to help 4 projects onboarding Polygon ecosystem so far: SafeDollar, TinyHero, MeebMaster, TokenPlay. Most of them sold out in a day or two, and received lots of support & attention from Polygon community.



The next IDO coming up in 3 days on Sep 6th is

Many other exciting projects such as Protofi are in the pipeline too. Stay tune on our channels for latest news and updates.

Matic News: Incredible quality and amount of money raised with your platform

Nice to see here OwlDao, @patmcpat has a nice partnership with them!

PolyDEX M:👍

Matic News:Nice to see all polygon projects working together for the network benefit😁

Is there any referral system in your community? I saw for example a promotion in telegram too and multiple initiatives! I think this is very cool

PolyDEX M: Yes, PolyDEX is the 1st platform, and the only so far, that offers a 4-type Referral System under PolyREF. Anyone can invite friends to use PolyDEX and earn Referral Rewards up to 5% of trading fee.

✅ Swap Referral Commission: 5% of trading fee. Invite your friends to use PolyDEX and earn whenever your friends swap.

✅ PolyFARM commission: 2% of rewards earning when your friends harvest their rewards.

✅ PolyHERO commission: 2% of staking rewards

✅ PolyLAUNCH commission: earn upto 2% when you refer someone to buy IDO at PolyLAUNCH See more:

Matic News:Thanks for all infos and link.

Q7. Which is the final goal of your project?

PolyC: Our Vision is To become the №1 AMM, multi-chain IDO platform, yield farming on Polygon.

Our Missions is: To make trading, swapping, farming easily accessible to every users on Polygon To provide an advanced platform for projects to launch their IDO, IFO on Polygon, with multi-chain approach To continue to provide innovative products and solutions, further improve users experience & benefits, bring about positive impact to blockchain community.

There has been and will be many challenges and unknowns along the way. But we never stop building & working towards this Vision and Missions.

PolyDEX M:

Matic News:I wish you really the best of your platform, because I know how much work there is in the back of your project to create and support ideas and grab successful projects from other chains.

Q8. Talking about technical side.. Let’s talk about the tokenomics, which is yours and why did you choose this!

PolyC: Sure, with the upgrade from PLXv1 to PLXv2, the tokenomics detail can be viewed at

$PLX is a deflationary token and there will be a small fee for every $PLX transaction Deflation: 1.0% per tx 0.5% distributes to PolyHERO staking pool 0.2% to add liquidity automatically and locked forever 0.2% will be burnt from the supply forever 0.1% to insurance fund

We designed the tokenomics based on our experience and have an AI system to run through various model and currently it’s the most optimize

Matic News:Thanks for the recap message and the link! i suggest everyone to read the it for (max supply/emission for example) 🖋

Q9. Besides this, how are revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?

PolyDEX M: First of all, PolyDEX is a DEX, so one of our main revenue is from swap fee.

PolyLAUNCH (our IDO launchpad) is another key pillar of PolyDEX and already helped many projects completing their IDO succesfully. This does bring another stream of revenue.

Apart from that, we will be launching PolySTORE — our NFT market soon, which will add on to PolyDEX’s revenue.

This list is not exhaustive and there will be more contributing to PolyDEX growth in future, not just revenue but also synergy and brand value. And we can’t wait to share more with you all in our next major update.

Q10. Looking forward to cover all of them, past IDOs and partnership was really quality ones. I see a small spoiler about the future (the PolyStore), Do you have a road map or long term plans that you can share with us?

PolyC: Sure, you can find full details of our Roadmap here:

The next big thing to be launched soon is PolySTORE — our NFT market place where anyone can buy & sell your NFT by $MATIC, whitelist collections and send your NFTs.

More details will be announced very soon in the coming days.

PolyDEX M:

Matic News:I wish to buy some polydex creations, your designer it’s a pro 😂🔥 (from designer prospective)

PolyDEX M: Thank you. Our Brand Manager will be very happy with your compliments ❤️

Q11. Talking about security side, Everyday in maticnews we check multiple projects, some of them are scam or just not safe. How safe is your project, I guess before doing any investment this is one of the area of concern that one will check upon. Are there any audits done?

PolyDEX M: Yes, TechRate has audited us with No severity issue found. You can find full audit report here:

We are talking with other audit firms to make sure our platform is safe and user safety is secured. These are always our top priority among other tasks.

Matic News: Looking forward to see updates, I already use your platform since months but it’s always nice have some more warranty ( even if imho audits most of the time are just for marketing ). But this is just my opinion.

It’s a mix of security and marketing, we can say like this :D

PolyDEX M: Sure, absolutely.. 👍

Q12. And last question, what do you think about polygon network?

PolyC: Polygon is now the fastest growing ecosystem in blockchain space. We are proud to be here and also helping others joining this great family via our IDO launchpad — PolyLAUNCH.

Polygon is full of talented people and we find ourselves fortunate to have many great partners such as: 1inch, Firebird, AnySwap and MaticNews..

PolyDEX M: We are also in regular contact with Polygon team who has given us many valuable advice, connection and outreach to other members of Polygon family.

For those project who wants to grow and scale fast on Polygon, we are happy to help with PolyLAUNCH, PolyHERO, PolyFARM, PolySTORE NFT Market. Everyone else can benefit from our PolyREF with 4 type of referral rewards. Please reach out to us via below channels

✅ Website:

✅ Twitter:

✅ Telegram:

✅ Telegram for official announcement: ✅ Discord:

✅ Medium:"

Matic News:Thanks to have been here with us! Looking forward to cover your future updates!


Q1. Silver Calt: Polydex has introduced First on-chain 4-Type Referral System. Can you elaborate on the 4 types referal system? Will this be a multi level/Tier based referal system, or a direct referal system? Will there be an upper limit for referal rewards ?

PolyC:Yes, PolyDEX is the first have on-chain 4-Type Referral System. You can view it at So by introduce your friends in, you can earn the referrals from: Swap Referral, PolyFARM referral, PolyHERO referral and PolyLAUNCH referral. And all on-chain, you will see your rewards increase right after your friend take action. There is no limit,

Q2. The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ: My question : PolyDex launch PolyFarm, PolyHero, Polylaunch, PolyREF, PolyVesting and more features etc. I’m interested in PolyLaunch. What are the criteria for the project you are referring to for the Initial DEX Offering on the existing platform, what are the benefits if the project joins with your IDO (Initial Dex Offering)? Thanks for great answer. @PolyDEXM

PolyDEX M: Thanks for your question. We do have a process and set of criteria to select the right candidate for IDO on PolyLAUNCH. Those who are interested in launching on PolyLAUNCH, please give us your information via application form here: We will connect and discuss directly with you.

How PolyLAUNCH can help Project Owners 🔑

1️⃣ Liquidity fundraising with ease PolyDEX allows whitelisted addresses to swap MATIC, BNB or ETH for an allocation in pre-listed projects.

2️⃣ Get more token holders By launching on PolyDEX, projects will get exposure to large number of potential holders

3️⃣ Access to network of Polygon partners Leverage on PolyDEX’s existing network of partners. Buidl. Scale. Grow.

Q3. philipstv: Polydex has a very cool graphic in the website, why didn’t you decide to create some NFT in collaboration with some of your IDO partners?

PolyC: yes, we do have the plan for our own NFT as well as with our partners. Stay tuned for further update soon

Q4. Jaki Xa Bờ: Because Polydex is an AMM, it’s critical to attract liquidity and build a large group; the more liquidity in the group, the less orders will slide. Taking this into consideration, what method will you employ to draw sufficient liquidity and therefore combat order slippage?

PolyC: PolyDEX does have aggregator, means we can route through other DEX to bring the best optimized return to users. And ofcourse, the projects joined PolyLAUNCH will/did open farming pools at PolyDEX as well.

PolyDEX M: For any project, especially in crypto space, I think we can not stress enough the importance of these 4 pillars in Marketing strategy:

— Product & Brand Awareness

— Community Development

— Partnerships

— PR

Partnership: as we mentioned briefly above, we are fortunate to have many great partners such as: 1inch, Firebird, AnySwap, MaticNews, and especially from Polygon core team themselves

Community Development: we are proud to have great team of Mod, Admin, Community Managers, and a special group of supporters called PolyHeroes / PolyDEX Army. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them. We couldn’t be here today with such a great community without their love and support. ❤️

PolyDEX M: We are happy to provide more info and receive you guys at our Telegram group @polydexfi

Meanwhile, thank you so much for hosting us today @GPVVKING

Great community you have here!

Matic News: Thanks for your time and compliments ! See you soon!

PolyC: Thank Matic News Community very much